The Long's

The Long's
Wind River Ranch - where our journey to Chazz began!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Christmas in Florida

We had an amazing vacation in sunny Florida for Christmas.  The weather was perfect - in the 80's nearly every day. Chazz loved the beach.  I think he would have stayed there everyday, all day. He was always the last kid to leave to get cleaned up for dinner.  We played at the park and played on the beach - and had ice cream nearly every day!  Can't beat that.  It was so nice just being together as a family and spending time together.  We visited with Greg and his boys.  That was fun.  The boys are the same age as Chazz and Hanna.  They had a blast - and played so well together - even with the big boys.  It is wonderful that they don't see each other very often, but are great together none the less.  We even got to go to our favorite restaurant together - Sweet Tomatoes!
It is hard to believe that just last week we left the beach and the wonderful warm weather.  Today, I'm at home on a cold, snow day!  We didn't get to go to school yesterday or today due to the wind chill.  The windchill makes it feel as though it is 25 below zero.  It is cold!  It is nice that Jerry and I both get the day off with all the kids.  We've had a big breakfast, played at Southmont, and now the littles and I are doing some school work while the bigs are playing racketball at Wabash.  Ah, gotta love lazy days!

In Florida, we also shared our big new news with the kids.  We are expecting - Chazz and Hanna aren't going to be the little's anymore!  They will get a brother or sister this summer!  We are very excited.