The Long's

The Long's
Wind River Ranch - where our journey to Chazz began!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Crazy Love

This summer, Jerry and I read Crazy Love by Francis Chan.  It certainly is convicting!  Ever since we got home with Hanna, we've constantly thought of adopting again, but tried desperately to put those thoughts far away.  Well, God kept bringing them to the forefront and we wouldn't listen.  Then we vacationed at Wind River Ranch in Estes Park, Co.  It is a Christian family guest ranch.  We did much praying and listening that week - and read the book.  God was speaking loudly and this time we actually started listening.  We've come up with all of the reasons why we shouldn't adopt...expensive, crazy, we have 3 great kids...but God kept saying Yes!  So here we go again!  We actually have 2 extra seats in the van and 2 extra beds upstairs.  Jerry says we can't get anymore beds, nor can we get a vehicle that holds more than 7!  We don't know where, we don't know when, but we do know that we are going to Adopt Again!

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