The Long's

The Long's
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Monday, June 17, 2013


Wow!  It really feels like we're making progress, finally!  Our home study has been approved and honestly I'm not really sure what we do with it next.  I think it has to go to a government agency, but not sure.  Probably need to fill out more paperwork and write a check!  Guess I need to ask that question. Anyway, we'd been asking about our little guy and when we could see his file and ask for it to be updated.  Yes, we "know" the boy we want to adopt.  It's actually the same boy we started to adopt 2 or 3 years ago.  Can't officially say too much, but soon.  In order to get his file, we needed to fill out I think the email was 19 pages worth of information.  Last week, my scrap booking friends came over here to scrap without kids and I did adoption stuff instead.  Thank you Lana and Karen S for helping me with reference letters!  I finally got everything finished tonight and emailed it off to our agency. I'm so excited. This has been an already long journey and at last progress is being made. I would think that by the end of the week we should have his file. Then perhaps be working on our LOI (letter of intent). This letter lets China know that we intend to adopt him.  Then it will be a matter of getting our dossier and home study through all of the red tape.  See what I mean!  Slowly, but surely we're making progress!  Prayers are being answered and we're seeing God in every step. Simply amazing!  I will share more as soon as I have it. Can't wait to be able to share his pictures!

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