The Long's

The Long's
Wind River Ranch - where our journey to Chazz began!

Thursday, October 24, 2013


Ahhh!  So wonderful to finally hear.  I logged onto our agencies portal message place and saw the announcement!  Our dossier is on its way to China today!  That is incredible news.  Now we wait for China to translate and officially log it into their system.  We'll receive what they call our LID - log in date.  Then it will get reviewed and officially matched with our son.  They'll issue our LOA - Letter of Approval - and the fun will begin!  That's when we'll get to apply for our Visas and something else and await for the most important news....TA (travel approval).  My best guess is February and Jerry says April.  Can you guess who the optimist and pessimist are in our family!  Jerry says he's actually a realist.  Today we applied for Hanna's passport and it should come in around mid-December.  It's starting to get fun! :)

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