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The Long's
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Friday, February 14, 2014

Give One Save One

See that button over on the right?  The Give One Save One button? It is a site that promotes adoption.  They publicize a different family each week in hopes of helping them raise money to fund their adoption.  Guess who is going to get to be the family the week of March 17?!  We just found out today.  We made a video, but you'll have to visit our site again that week to see it.  Brooks and Reese were our producers during one of our many snow days.  In case you are wondering, they used iMovie on an iPad.  It was great fun.  We are so excited.  There is also a grant that we may get that would match any funds we receive from this site.  We hope to find out soon and then we'll let you know.  Please help spread the word. 

Isn't he just the cutest?

News...well, we have submitted our paperwork for immigration - I-800.  We've gotten notice that they have received it.  I can call them this coming week to check on the progress.  I've read that families typically get this within 2-3 weeks.  Our 2 weeks will be Tuesday.  Then we wait for a letter to send more paperwork.  Wait for Article 5 and finally travel invitation.  Sounds excruciatingly long, but hopefully we'll be in China in April.

A few years ago, we heard Third Day say that they think everyone should be involved with adoption in some form - advocacy, financially, or adopting.  We happen to agree.  Watch this video and see why...Global Orphan Crisis

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