The Long's

The Long's
Wind River Ranch - where our journey to Chazz began!

Monday, May 5, 2014

We are home!

We finally made it home Friday night and were greeted at the airport by our family and friends.  It was awesome! Tears filled my eyes while sitting on the tarmack waiting to get off the plane. I was so excited to see my boys and to introduce Chazz to them.

He was frightened at first and started to cry, but quickly warmed up.  He recognized Brooks, Reese, and my mom because we had skyped them so much.  He received gifts, balloons, candy, and lots of hugs.  He even rode up the escalators hand in hand with his new grandmas.

We actually got home around 11 and bed at 11:30.  That would mean we had been up since 7 the night before and gotten very little sleep.  Chazz and Hanna did very well on the plane. They slept some (Chazz the most) and watched movies.  We were lucky and had personal tv on the back of the headrest and could choose our own movies.  It was great, well as great as sitting on a plane for over 14 hours can be!

Home is good. Chazz is sleeping through the night and making himself at home.  He's found the nerd guns and shoots at everything.  He loves the outside play toys, and just today decided he likes Cooper.
Meeting Papaw

First picture of a family of 6!

Mamaw Long, Mamaw Albaugh, and Aunt Nicole

He likes jumping

And the ride on toys are a hit too

He might have done this a time or two

Racing with Hanna

PingPong in the drive way

With each pitch, Chazz yelled "alright" to Reese!

He found new toys!

A batting helmet for protection

Yep, he's a Long!

We have 4 kids!


  1. Dear Jennifer
    Thank you so much for sharing your journey. Could that smile possibly be any bigger! Chazz has a whole new outlook and life ahead thanks to you and your family with support of friends. I am so thrilled beyond words it just warms my heart... truly thank you.... Kym

    1. Wonderful, Jennifer!!! You are all so blessed to have each other!! I hope Chazz is able to openly accept all the love that you have to offer him. He is a treasure. We send our hugs and love to each of you...-All 6 of you!!!! Pam Bradley