The Long's

The Long's
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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Article 5

Awesome!  We just received an email from the consulate in Guangzhou, China!  They have finished processing our article 5! This is a huge and final hurdle!  We are now officially waiting for China to issue our travel invitation!  After 4 very long years, we are approved and just a few months (perhaps less) from meeting our son!

Back in January, 2010, we saw MingJian was still in the orphanage.  We couldn't believe it.  We immediately sought information about him.  First we learned that his file was available, only to find out a short while later that his file was gone.  We prayed and were so excited that he might have a family and would be joining them soon.  Well, in June of that year, we found out that he was still there and his file was available again.  This time we began our homestudy.  We finished 3 of the 4 required meetings only to realize the time wasn't right.  Tearfully, we released his file.  It was heartbreaking!  I actually ended up in the ER with chest pains, but was just anxiety.

Now fast forward to 2012. We went on a fabulous vacation to Estes Park, Co.  We stayed at a Christian guest ranch.  It was amazing.  The picture above is from there.  We had bible study each morning and time to reflect.  We were reading Crazy Love by Francis Chann.  We decided to listen to our hearts and adopt again.  In November we contacted our agency to tell them we had decided upon China and wanted to adopt MingJian.  We started our homestudy and paper chase in January 2013.

Along the way and even when adopting Hanna, we've been inspired and encouraged by many people, but most importantly by Jesus Christ.  This just feels right.  We are so humbled and excited that He has chosen us to be parents to 3 great kids already and now one more!

Everyone shout to the wind so MingJian might hear, we are coming!

Travel dates next!


  1. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited about meeting him. I hope you get your invitation very soon. You and your family are so deserving of this great news.