The Long's

The Long's
Wind River Ranch - where our journey to Chazz began!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Give 1 Save 1

      This week, God has blessed us by allowing us to be the featured family of the week for Give 1 Save 1.  This website's goal is to help adopting families raise the necessary money to complete their adoptions.  The site asks people to donate at least a dollar, and to share the site with others.
      We will use our blog as our travel journal, so you will be able to watch our adoption story unfold.  Tomorrow morning, we will post the video that Brooks and Reese made about our family.
      Please check back in during this week to check our progress.  Our God is mighty and powerful and we see that through adoption.  Thank you all so much!

Love, the Long's


  1. Dear Jennifer and family
    You seem like the perfect family for Ming Jian. He will have so many firsts with you and blossom into a lovely young man.
    It brings tears to my eyes daily thinking of how lovely it will be but of course with challenges along the way. No one else could or would come forward for him, and I am truly thankful for you to give him this opportunity. Hoping to meet him in Australia or the US one day.

    It will be great if we can meet enroute.

    Take care and speedy travels - I will donate some Lego money which you can meanwhile use to assist in travel costs.

    This boy has missed out on so much - nearly everything will be new and looking at those beautiful mountains in your blog will be whole new experience for him!
    Kym Brown

  2. Kym, we will definitely buy Legos! Brooks and Reese will enjoy playing with him with them! Thank you so much for everything. Unfortunately we aren't going to meet now, but we will one day!