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The Long's
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Tuesday, March 4, 2014


I didn't receive the letter today either, so I sent the NVC an email at 4:51.  They promptly replied at 5:04 that we would receive our letter shortly, but included the information I needed to do the online submission for our DS-260.  SO, I have finally officially submitted our DS-260 for MingJian.  This is his immigration paperwork so we will automatically become a US citizen when we land on US soil.  This is the paperwork that gets sent to the consulate in Guangzhou, China.  I am however, still waiting on the letter.  I will upload a confirmation page to our agency tomorrow morning and hopefully the letter will magically arrive in my inbox by then so I can upload it as well.  Then we will finally be in the wait for Article 5 and Travel Invitation.

God is at work, I know he is.  Listen to this story.  My friend, neighbor, and co-worker has children living in Shanghai.  They have offered to have a driver meet us at the airport and invited us to stay with them in Shanghai during our visit.  We found out where they live and told them about our Australian friend who is in Shanghai right now teaching at a local university.  Would you believe that she is teaching at the university that is just mere minutes from their house?  How incredible is that?  Coincidences like that don't just happen!  Then, we received an email from our agency stating that they are already putting together the travel group for April for families with Article 5 and Travel Invitation already.  There is a chance that we could still make it into that group or we would wait until the May group.  Are you kidding?  We need prayer.  I know that this is in God's hands and His timing is perfect, but May!  Seriously.  That was depressing.  Our friend is leaving China to go back to Australia on April 13.  We need to be in Shanghai at least by the 12 so we can meet her!  Pray for that, please?  The next few weeks will no doubt last forever while we wait for this anticipated news.

Thanks for listening to me whine!  Please feel free to share our blog with your friends and loved ones and don't forget to check back with us the week of March 17 for the Give 1 Save 1 donation week and to see Brooks and Reese's video!

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